Community as a family with quality of life

A community township in the heart of Israel – bordering with the Brenner Regional Council and Gezer Regional Council.

About Us

A family township with a sense of community consisting of ~11,297 residents and covering ~575 acres.

  • A green settlement that won five stars of beauty in the “Council for a Beautiful Israel Maintained and Sustaining Neighborhood contest” for the third consecutive year.
  • The Kiryat Ekron Council invests over 40% of its budget in education, an investment that is apparent in the school climate and reflected in student achievements.
  • Kiryat Ekron currently operates ~20 kindergartens and two elementary schools and will be adding a high school in the near future. In addition, the “Pelech” governmental religious school for girls operates in Kiryat Ekron, demonstrating high achievements in the matriculation exams.
  • About the schools: Ben Zvi – Governmental, 421 students. The school specializes in the arts. Ohel Meir – Governmental religions, 269 students. For the past decade, it has been operating an interdisciplinary music center. The old school is currently being rebuilt with new structures equipped with cutting edge technology.
  • Leisure culture for youths – Various youth movements and organizations operate in Kiryat Ekron, including: Acharai, Ezra, and the General Federation of Working and Studying Youth. The youth movements conduct a variety of activities, trips, seminars and voluntary projects for the community, in hospitals, and more. Beit Noam is a community center for youths, offering a wide variety of activities.
  • “Shavshevet” Community Center – Offers a rich, diverse and community oriented cultural program with various classes, activities, lectures and performances on a daily basis.
  • Kiryat Ekron encourages and nurtures achievement in many areas, one of which is sport, in which youths and adults, women and men, are welcome to participate. Many athletes of our community have already won national and international awards. Kiryat Ekron offers practice grounds for various athletic fields including gymnastics, soccer, basketball, martial arts, and more.
  • Jewish orientation – Most residents are traditional and the township places an emphasis on values of Judaism, love of the other and mutual support.
  • The public library conducts plays for toddlers, storytelling sessions, meetings with authors and poets, and more.
  • The green areas within and outside of Kiryat Ekron are famous in the region. The expansive parks throughout the township offer shade and various playground facilities. These areas are a pleasant meeting place for children, parents and grandparents.
  • We invite you to Kiryat Ekron and would like to show you the township’s unique nature.

Sincerely yours,
Kiryat Ekron Local Council

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We invite you to Kiryat Ekron and would like to show you the township’s unique nature.

44 Herzel St,
kiryat ekron, israel

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